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"Even the strong are allowed to cry."

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 asked » mary crawley or sybil crawley

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mary crawley + dumb faces @ suitors part iii

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Mary! Absolutely at the Beginning she was that icecold Women , who didn’t had a Heart but than Matthew came and from their first Scene everything changed she shows Heart for example in the Scene with Cora in her Bedroom when she’s crying or with Carson after this Thing with Pamuk..and then she was that happy and strong Women with Matthew on her side and now she allone with George and shows her lost that she loved him very much , I think she started to early beeing happy and with the Kiss with Gillingham and yeah but thats just my opinion , I loved her from her first scene , at the Beginning I never knew who was which sister :D but than I started beeing a Freak of this Show and Mary! and Michelle of course! :)

Can’t get enough of them! ❤️

Jessica Brown-Findlay , Laura Carmichael and Michelle Dockery at the Jonathan Ross Show ❤️